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gothmix's Journal

The Gothic Encapsulation Project
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Create mixes of your favourite gothic tracks to share with other members
Welcome to the Gothic Encapsulation Project community. This community is about trying to put the purest essence of what Goth means to you in one mix. Maybe it's capturing a specific time in your life summed up with what you were listening to at the time or maybe its a broader theme like Gothic Dancefloor hits, it's up to you. The only rules are that the music should be contained within the broad genres that are considered Gothic and that it must be able to fit onto one audio CD, so cannot be any longer than 74 minutes.

This community is about collecting everyone's mixes in one place without having to go looking across the LJ universe to find them. We highly encourage all members to contribute at least one of their own mixes towards this project.

There is a variety of software out there that you can use that you can use such as Garage Band or Amadeus Pro (http://www.hairersoft.com/AmadeusPro/AmadeusPro.html). Or you can download one of the other many music editing or dj shareware programmes available online. Try searching http://www.tucows.com to find a piece of software that suits your platform.

So let us hear what you think encapsulates Goth for you.